Here you can learn about all the television series Morena has starred in. To find out more about each project, click the titles below.

2003 Still Life Maggie Jones 6 episodes
2002-03 Firefly Inara Serra 14 episodes
2006 The O.C Maya Griffin 3 episodes
2006 Kitchen Confidencial Gia Episode: An Affair to Remember
2006 How I Met Your Mother Chloe Episode: Swarley
2006 Justice Lisa Cruz Episode Christmas Party
2007 Las Vegas Sara Samari pisode: The Burning Bedouin
2006-07 Stargate SG-1 Adria 5 episodes
2007 Heartland Nurse Jessica Kivala 9 episodes
2008 Dirt Claire Leland Episode: And the Winter Is
2008 Numb3rs Lynn Potter Episode: Blowback
2009 Medium Brooke Hoyt Episode: All in the Family
2010 The Deep End Beth Bancroft Unaired Pulot
2009-11 V Anna 22 episodes
2012-13 The Good Wife Isobel Swift 2 episodes
2011-2013 Homeland Jessica Brody 36 episodes
2014 The Red Tend Leah / Rachel Two Parts
2011-14 The Mentalist Erica Flynn 3 episodes
2019 A Series of Unfortunate Events Beatrice 2 episodes
2015-19 Gotham Leslie Thompkins 82 episodes
2019 Sessão de Terapia Sofia Callas 7 episodes
20?? Home Invasion

Casie 6 episodes