The Twilight Zone — 2×02 “Downtime” Screencaptures & Production Stills

Hello! The Twilight Zone Season 2 is out and Morena guess starred in the second episode titled “Downtime.” Our gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures & production stills. Check our gallery!

TheTwilightZoneS02E02-0002.jpg TheTwilightZoneS02E02-0019.jpg TheTwilightZoneS02E02-0563.jpg TheTwilightZoneS02E02-0578.jpg
TheTwilightZoneS02E02-0773.jpg TheTwilightZoneS02E02-0873.jpg TheTwilightZoneS02E02-1234.jpg TheTwilightZoneS02E02-1262.jpg

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